A quick divorce in Krakow?

A divorce doesn’t have to drag on endlessly. If both partners have decided on a no-fault divorce there’s every chance that the divorce can be granted within a few months. Once both partners agree this course of action, they need to have fully agreed the following:

  • no-fault divorce,
  • custody and parental authority of the any child / children of the marriage (and have this presented in a formal document),
  •  contact arrangements for both parents after the divorce, and
  • child support.
    In these circumstances the Court may grant the divorce with a single hearing and within a few months. The hearing will require attendance by the spouses and one witness (concerning the custody of the minor child / children) and the Court will then declare the decree. It is important that the spouses themselves set and agree all the conditions for a consensual divorce, and the petition does not contain any formal deficiencies that may significantly affect the length of the proceedings.
    It will therefore be necessary to collect and present all the required documents and submit them along with the petition, as well as pay the fee. At the time that the petition is filed, the information required will include the identification of a witness who will give testimony to the situation with the spouses’ children, and in particular a statement on how the child / children are dealing with their parents’ living separately.
    As well as the time factor in this process, cost is also important. If all the necessary arrangements are in place to enable the divorce to be granted at the first hearing, the fee is only PLN 300.